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Topic: Trimurti embedded in the back mythos of CITY AT THE END OF TIME

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 02/22/2009


I hadn't planned to do any serious thinking about CITY until my Next Re-Read, sometime near the end of this year or next. A "Chance" re-examination of Hinduism over the last few days has blown out the Alexandrian induced cobwebs of that part of my mind that processes Mythologies.

It struck me, while in a relaxed state a few minutes ago, that the Trimurti concept of Hinduism pervades CITY. The Obvious part being the 100 Billion years of Brahma's creation, including dropping whole galaxies into place without their histories...and the muses having to go back and reconcile.

The use of the name of the Muse of Memory, and the great metaphysical FOE of the novel, The Typhon...a name also from Hellenic Classical Myth: the last son of Gaia (or in our case the aging universe) who tries to over throw Zeus.

So how does Trimurti fit into the picture, the progression of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva? These are the three fold gods of Creation, Preservation and Destruction.

Brahma, named in your novel, is pretty much asleep...and possibly not even dreaming. Shiva is active, i.e. in the manifestation of Typhon, which is busy ripping up the original creation, down to the last little bits of Earth and Kalpa City. Also Typhon as Shiva fits well in with the speculation of Bidewell that the Chalk Princess is Kali, a Muse gone bad.

But where is Vishnu, the Preserver? Easy and Obvious: The Librarian fulfills this function, with his creation of the Babels and projecting them back to the beginning of Brahma's creation, summing up the possible outcomes of the universe. In the Reality Generators that protect the integrity of Kalpa City. In the ancient breeds who recreate the fate-states of Original Humanity. In the Multifaceted aspects of Humanity 100 Trillion years after the Heat Death of the Universe.

In Sum: Humanity is Vishnu, with the Librarian as Prime Avatar of that aspect of Trimurti.


As a side note I wonder if later aspects of Humanity, somewhere along the lines to the development of the Nooetic Humanity with optimized fates, might become aware as they learn they exist in a multifaceted potentiality of manifested fates of a lesser aspect of Trimurti, a spin of deity as it were: Ganesha, the Lord of Obstacles. Ganesha sounds like he would be a deity even Fate-Shifters would embrace, being both the remover and creator of Obstacles. I have speculated about More Fate-Aware versions of Humanity between now and Kalpa, still made of bosonic matter and its ability to drift between the strands of the possible: would becoming aware and accessing something like a Ganesha, before during and after the 100 Billion years of the Creation of Brahma, lead to a state when the Muses would start having a hard time reconciling histories.

For your readers here unfamiliar with Ganesha: Currently amongst Earth's Hindus this "god" is invoked before beginning ANY serious undertaking...and is called on in a nearly daily basis by Hindus.

Mike Glosson

Re: Trimurti embedded in the back mythos of CITY AT THE END OF TIME

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/25/2009

Ganesha... related perhaps to that famous purveyor of unexpected consequences, Murphy?

Re: Trimurti embedded in the back mythos of CITY AT THE END OF TIME

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 02/25/2009

I noticed there was an error in my summation about the Librarian: He would be the prime Avatar of Vishnu, not the entire Trimurti.

Ganesha related to Murphy? Something I had never thought of...as Murphy is often invoked with THINGS GO WRONG. Perhaps Murphy as the Creator of Obsticles aspect of Ganesha?

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