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Topic: "Moving" Google Mars

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 02/06/2009

Greg & his readers:

The National news reported Ocean Bed Features on the new Google Earth, but I didn't find out about the mars features until I received my Astronomy update this morning:


So there goes my afternoon...

Mike Glosson


From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/09/2009

Now I'll never get that book finished!

Google Mars

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 02/09/2009


It gets worse. I just realized tonite that the Day/night feature of Google Earth shows real time Day Night positions for ANY DATE.

And it works for Mars as well.

Right now it is NIGHT on Olympus Mons and the Tharsis Bulge.

We're doomed if they ad the major Jovian Satelights and Casini Data.


From: patrick
Date: 02/14/2009

Naaa. Just wait a couple decades till bio-nano devices are commonplace. (Don't think so?...we'll see.) Then you'll just scan the data.


From: Bill Goodwin
Location: Los Angeles
Date: 02/16/2009

I've been roaming Google Mars like a ghost for several days. Not often I get Future Shock like this--never could've imagined such a thing in the Viking Lander 70s! "Walking" across the ocean floor from Catalina island and up to my front door in West LA was an eye-opener, too.

And it's only 2009...

Be fun to navigate a 3-D simulation of the Jovian atmosphere. Complete with ecology of course.

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