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Topic: problem with reprint of Blood Music

From: Howard Bennett
Location: Bethesda, MD
Date: 01/22/2009

Dear Greg,

I am enclosing a copy of an email I just sent to E-Reads so you know about the errors in the reprinting of Blood Music. Best regards, Howard

To the Editors,

I am a big fan of Greg Bear and was delighted to find out that you recently reprinted his novel, Blood Music.

I just finished Chapter 4 and am writing to let you know that there are an incredible number of typographical errors in the book. In fact, I have never encountered this many mistakes in any book I've read in my entire life!

Here are just three of them:
" page 8, line 12: "I'm sonywhat message?" Bernard said. I'm assuming the word sony should be, sorry. The same error is repeated on page 9, line eight.
" page 33, line 14: the cabs and everything." She kept staring at nun. I'm assuming the word nun should be him.

H Bennett

Re: problem with reprint of Blood Music

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/23/2009

This one did indeed get through the filters. E-Reads is offering a free "upgrade" to all who purchased the defective download. Thanks for your patience!

Re: problem with reprint of Blood Music

From: Rick Sizemore
Location: Cincinnati
Date: 02/11/2009

It's not just the E-Reads copy, my new print via Amazon has the same typo's. It appears to be the same words being search and replaced, I've come across the sony for sorry error half a dozen times in the first hundred pages or so. I do agree that this is about as bad as I've seen, especially in a book that wasn't translated. Doesn't affect the enjoyment overall, but it does jar you out of the narrative if the replaced word is not just misspelled, i.e. nun vs him, although in the world of text messaging, twitter, and IM, you must interpret everything anyway lol :-), c ? I mn.

Re: problem with reprint of Blood Music

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/11/2009

Looks as if this needs more checking into. I'll pass your info along to the powers that be. Thanks, Rick!

Re: problem with reprint of Blood Music

From: Jason Keith
Location: Texas
Date: 06/17/2009

I'm a reading through the trade paperback ereads version of Blood Music. It is my first Bear novel and I'm am enjoying it through the first 80 pages but I'm starting to get very frustrated by all the typos. Most seem like some sort of text scanning error. For instance there are lot of odd substitution errors like substitution of "d" for "cl" in ("close" as "dose" several times) and "t'" for "f " ("it's" as "if s"). I purchased the book from www.barnesandnoble.com/

The funny thing about it is I am a 30 year old scientist from TX who recently spent 7 years working in CA. I'm overweight and have glasses with thick black rims. When I keep hitting all the errors I keep thinking that I somehow got contaminated by a smartbug in the lab and it is messing up my vision.

Re: problem with reprint of Blood Music

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/17/2009

E-Reads tells me it has corrected these problems. Is this a recent purchase? (And yes, reading BLOOD MUSIC does infect your brain...)

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