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Topic: The Myth of Cats as Natural Fate Shifters from CITY

From: Mike Glossons
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 01/06/2009


Until today I thought the side myth about Cats being Fate Shifters was a cute little side fiction about Cats and Books, especially with all the Book Stores on Adams Avenue down here that have Cats.

I've even teased our Norwegian Forest Cat Paris Radisson Kat about it. And NFC's are super bright, and appear to understand what is being said to them.

This afternoon I mentioned to her that she would have to eat our Pug's rejected Science Diet Senior Dog Food as I was out of her canned food. She looked at me, said "blurp" ran around my legs then ran to the front door and left. Five minutes later the last paper towel on the role was used up, and when I checked we were totally out of paper towels.

So I ended up having to go to the store, and ofcourse restock her canned food at the same time.

As I wrote this said Cat/Natural Fate Shifter came running in, jumped onto the chair next to me, looked at the screen, than ran off again.

For a small being who may have access to alternate time lines she's not totally bright, as she thinks the ceiling fan is a hawk or eagle, especially when it is rotating.

Unless it is, in some alternate reality I cannot see, but she can.

The Cat Mythos in CITY is yet another one of many avenues that could be explored critically, especially in light of the Cats/Bookstores social phenomenon.

Re: The Myth of Cats as Natural Fate Shifters from CITY

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/13/2009

Obviously she dealt with helicopters in a previous existence!

Re: The Myth of Cats as Natural Fate Shifters from CITY

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 01/13/2009

Both the wife and I are positive either a red tailed hawk or one of the Golden Eagles here on the rim dived bombed her last summer.

She's generally nervous of the ceiling fan when it is spinning, but when off, not so much.

Coincidentally I held her up to the "off" ceiling fan this afternoon, and she flinched from it.

She was not always so.

This places is thick with raptors and corvids...and mutant squirells...ComicCon Wednesday last summer I watched there of them, Fledged Red Tailed Hawks, not figure out how to catch the squirrel on the COX line...with me yelling at them "Get that Squirrel! Eat him now!"

I'm not fond of rodents.

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