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Topic: City -- is this a holographic universe?

From: chris pickens
Location: Fairfax, CA
Date: 12/29/2008

City is a great novel! It was a tough read, but I really
enjoyed it.

The last time I read a book that make me rethink the structure of time and space, and of symbols, was Samuel
R. Delany's Dhalgren or perhaps Janet Morris' excellent
space novels from the 80s about the Kerrions (Cruiser Dreams, Earth Dreams)

The idea of dreaming the far future
and that the dream is real falls under a kind of
holographic universe framework --- thank you for an enjoyable read Mr. Bear.

Chris Pickens

Re: City -- is this a holographic universe?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 12/30/2008

Glad you enjoyed it, Chris.

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