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Topic: Teilhard de Chardin?

From: Grant Hyde
Date: 12/06/2008

Hey, Greg,

I appreciated your last message regarding terrorism. I'm surrounded
by beautiful nieces and nephews and stepchildren--a regular horde--who love me but assure me that terrorists are an invention of Bush and that my hard-working FBI brother is nice but duped by the "powers".

I swear allegiance to no party, but I want this country to do the right thing. Your super-cool books have sustained me since high school. Was "Blood Music " influenced by Teilhard de Chardin?
You not only soar above "bipartisan," it seems to me, you rocket to a realm where life matters. I wish I could do it.

Anyway, how do you keep the kiddies in line without being a fascist? These are strange and frightening times we live in, brother.

Re: Teilhard de Chardin?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 12/11/2008

Thanks, Grant! Good leadership is a must. Everything flows from the top down; bullshit begets skepticism. As they say on TV, "Just the facts."

Sorting the partisan rhetoric from the real threats keeps a lot of good, hard-working people up at night. I respect and appreciate their efforts.

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