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Topic: Moving Mars!! THANK YOU!!

From: Alex
Location: Jennings
Date: 11/21/2008

Thank you for an exceptional story with Moving Mars. After the excellent Forge of God which I tend to read every 3/4 years or so, I wasn't sure if it could be matched.
Written the the first person made it a very compelling story as the facts are revealed only as Casseia sees them.

Only your second book I've read, and that will be corrected very shortly, it's a strange thing to read a book that you love so much, that you wonder if an author can really captivate you a 2nd time, sorry I've wasted so much time.

Very much appreciated your story, thank you.
Alex Jennings

Re: Moving Mars!! THANK YOU!!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/21/2008

High praise never wastes my time. Thanks, Alex!

Re: Moving Mars!! THANK YOU!!

From: Gavin cook
Location: sidmouth, devon .uk
Date: 04/02/2009

I would also like to say that moving mars is the most wonderful story, i also read this book regularly ,mainly because i just fell in love with casseia (silly i know!!).
I also came to this book via other Greg Bear novels..eon and eternity which were fabulous.
I would like to ask one question, Was casseia inspired by anyone real, as she is never really described in detail herself in the novel it would be interesting to know what she would have looked like.
You do give quite a lot of detail about charles, sandra and even ahmed crown niger but suprisingly little about casseia..anyway ,wonderful story, wonderful characters and a rare marriage of hard science and a genuine human story...10 out of 10

Re: Moving Mars!! THANK YOU!!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/04/2009

I suppose Casseia is a little shy that way! She's of medium height (as a Martian, she might be a little taller than she would be had she been raised on Earth), with intelligent, slightly skeptical black eyes, a soft but on occasion assertive and commanding voice, and she tends to be a little restless, as if always searching for something to do. She does not regard herself as attractive, but I suspect most males would disagree. Her accent has not lost that lovely, friendly lilt common to those whose heritage derives from the the Indian subcontinent--in fact, on Mars that is a common accent for English-speakers.

Re: Moving Mars!! THANK YOU!!

From: Rob
Location: Manchester
Date: 05/28/2009

I have to say that I think Moving Mars is my favourite Sci Fi book -- or at least the one that has made the most impact on me. I still get tingles down my spine at the descriptions of travels through 'hyperspace' (for want of the correct name).

It will be a truly scary day if we ever reach such a technological stage.

Re: Moving Mars!! THANK YOU!!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/29/2009

Thanks, Rob! We've had a lot of those scary days in our history... Especially in the last century.

Good ideas.

From: Rock
Location: Oregon
Date: 06/18/2013

The story caused me to think about the increasing dangers inherent in our continuing understanding of science. The human race has so far been fortunate enough to survive the natural world up to the atomic age. The matrix-matter manipulation in "Moving Mars", while fictional, is the sort of power necessary for a species to spread over many star systems.

So, I started thinking about what it would take for a species to live through having the power of gods. Then the consideration that we have not been openly contacted by aliens. Perhaps it is more unlikely for an intelligent species to survive obtaining the required power, then it is likely for such intelligent speciesices to exist at all. As if Science itself was a part of evolution, where only a species of saints may pass through.

Good ideas.

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/25/2013

Interesting thoughts, parallel with the 1950s (and earlier) idea that developing atomic power could provide a pinch point for advanced civilizations...

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