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Topic: If My Palm Itches, And I Find Grass Growing In It, What Should I Stop Doing? (Morgellon's Disease)

From: Howard E. Miller
Location: Augusta, GA
Date: 11/17/2008

I've been trying to find information about this condition (Morgellon's Disease). I was particularly intrigued by the fibers that seem to grow from the lesions. I was hoping to find some scientific desciption of the makup of these fibers, but apparently they're difficult to find on the internet. I ran across a mention the you had tried to contact Kaiser Permanente about Morgellon's. Were you able to find any information about the makeup of those fibers.

This all began because of a program I saw on the Discovery Channel this evening. Listening to it, I heard the victim of this illness describe symptoms similar to another condition called 'Scabies'.

For many years, I worked in a rural hospital. One of the delightful side benefits of working there was that I got Scabies nearly every year. It's a kind of a weird thing. It's a mite that gets under your skin. It lays eggs, and when the eggs mature, each mite takes off for new territory, burrowing along your skin. The first couple times I had outbreaks, it was pretty bad. I'd have large areas where these bugs were having their way with me. Once I learned that I was susceptible to this thing, I would treat it immediately with Lindane, and once I stopped working at the hospital, I stopped getting scabies.

Anyway, Morgellons sounded somewhat like that ... it starts with this intense itching, which spreads, then you get these lesions. In my personal experience with scabies, if you're itching, and it's not treated you will scratch a hole in your body. If you have several patches of scabies, you will have several holes.

You won't pull fibers out of them, though. At first I thought maybe it was something that was causing subcutaneous cells to think they were supposed to be hair follicles, making different color hair because they weren't really hair follicles.

The thing I saw on TV suggested that the problem was being caused by a plant virus that made the jump to animals. Humans, at least. But it didn't say much about the fibers at all, and the stuff I read on the internet doesn't make much sense. How can this fibers be cotton, or plastic, or just about anything else except something consisting of human proteins?

I understand the reference to "Blood Music", which made me a fan of yours. But that level of nanotechnology isn't available yet.

Awww - I apologize for going on and on. I guess the temptation to air my personal observations is impossible to overcome.

So, bottom line. What do you know about Morgellon's?

Re: If My Palm Itches, And I Find Grass Growing In It, What Should I Stop Doing? (Morgellon's Diseas

From: patrick
Date: 11/25/2008

I'm highly skeptical of the condition of this phenomenon. I'm not crying conspiracy, at least yet, but I can think of at least a few questions that aren't terribly technical, though perhaps subtle, that I haven't seen even approached, let alone the ideas of expressed, in the information I've seen.

Re: If My Palm Itches, And I Find Grass Growing In It, What Should I Stop Doing? (Morgellon's Diseas

From: Jo
Location: Illinois
Date: 12/28/2008

Hi! I know I saw an article about this recently, and I also found this, if you're interested: http://www.morgellons.org.

Ok -- found the article (it was in 2006, not that recent, sorry): http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/24/health/24cons.html

makes for some interesting reading. Just looking at the article made me itch.

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