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Topic: All biology

From: patrick
Date: 09/08/2008

I'm listening to a talk Bruce Sterling gave at a recent Long-Life seminar in SF and around thirty-four minutes, he sums some things up by quoting Vernor Vinge, "...for me, the super-humanity is the essence of the singularity....without that, we get a glut of technical riches never properly absorbed", and Bruce says he thinks this is what things are like, actually. A "gut-level situation".

Which nods to what you said, 'all these human behaviors are biology', and also what I said before this, "We are emotional creatures, largely swayed and directed by biological drives. (Those who claim 'free will' are simply exemplifying this.) We have degrees of opportunity to interact with these biological drives. There is wisdom in this."

And I just got off the phone with a friend of mine in which we got into some related discussion, and I summed my conception of how to go about things with the above in mind in the following: one is casually mentating on myriads of things as they come to mind; like a mnemonic, this obviates the ego (and morality) in that there is no expectation (in the form of a goal or what-have-you) in the things or made or even set but merely inform-ation of one's layers of mind such that they (the combined state that is entity and these layers) increase in open-ness to information, as well as increase in efficiency, due to the constant and dynamic nature of this mentation.

In simpler words: you allow it to come and you play with it, with emotional vitality yet without any attachment, and you progress.

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