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Topic: Not promoting your Google talk?

From: patrick
Date: 09/06/2008

I only know of this video via two posts on the blog. For shame, Greg. I'm watching it in spurts. I have a lot of thoughts but will wait until the end and see if anything I for sure want to express. One thing I'll say is the kiddies seem very much like when I was in college, but perhaps more so - squeamish until someone starts talking some and then only gradually do they get involved. (I never was like this, though particularly not after military service, as I had no 'intimidation' factor.)

As well, though it was very difficult to hear the student commentary (note to have mics for them in future recordings), it seemed they weren't up in the rafters with you looking down on things. Of course, there seems to be a general lack of comprehension, if not unfamiliarity, with form.

Re: Not promoting your Google talk?...& String Theory

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 09/10/2008

Finally got a chance to block some time and watch this...a bit more techy than the San Diego Talk. Was mentioning this and the event that the Large Hadron Collider did its first full runs today to my wife, and she said Why? Mentioned that the LHC is aiming to "prove" supersymetry, the extension of the Standard Model that doesn't need String Theory. Her response was that if it nullified string theory she was all for it, but thought you might be pro string, so I mentioned that one of the subthemes of CITY is that you can't really have a "theory of everything" to totally maps the universe. She lit up on that, and her estimation of you increase by several powers of ten.

Just because something is mathematically elegant doesn't necissarily make it "real"

So I wonder if String Theory will go the way of the Steady State Hypothesis some time after October of this year.

Mike Glosson

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