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Topic: Thank you

From: Nicholas
Location: Greensboro NC
Date: 09/05/2008

I rarely (actually never) write authors of books I enjoy, but after reading the latest City at the End Of Time, I'm prompted for the first time to do so.

While I'm a thorough hard-sci-fi reader, and you've certainly given me enough entertainment in that area over the years, never have I read a book as good. The mix of science (which was kept low-key) and philosophy (which wasn't) was damn near perfect. I haven't been wowed by a book like this since ... well, Eon :)

So, thank you. Thank you for providing yet another great book that provided entertainment and food for thought.

Re: Thank you

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/05/2008

Glad you liked the novel, Nicholas! We're still working to spread the word. My Google talk here in Kirkland has been posted on YouTube at


And has gotten over a thousand views so far. There's also a Suvudu interview at Comic-Con and eight minutes from my talk at the University Book Store, also sourced from Suvudu.

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