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Topic: Happy Birthday

From: Greg Berghorn
Location: Framingham, MA USA
Date: 08/20/2008

Dear GB2,
Warm birthday wishes and all the best for another great year. Just started my eBook copy of The City At The End OF Time. Looks great. Do you ever do appearances on the East Coast? In the Boston area?
Best regards,

Re: Happy Birthday

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/26/2008

Got back late last week from a short west-coast tour. No east coast signings planned, alas! Not writing about vampires or dragons is taking a toll on my tour stops.

Re: Happy Birthday

From: Jim Duron
Location: Prairieville, LA
Date: 08/27/2008

Vampires are all the Rage and Ann Rice is nowhere to be found.

Maybe you should try getting one of your books made into a video game or graphic comic book that would give you pop culture advertising. Some sort of FBI/CIA shoot-em up. Patrick Stewart said he does Sci-Fi so he can do the Independent stuff and not worry about cash.

I heard that Ursala Le Guin was doing teenage novels (Voices,etc.). What ever she writes is good usually.


Re: Happy Birthday

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/01/2008

Good writers can make masterpieces out of the most hackneyed pop-culture material. But even though I'm a fan of a lot of works vampirish, I'm concerned we're going to reach a saturation point-- Hmmm... maybe blood-sucking dragons will be next? (Old vampire-dragon adage: "First exsanguinate, then burn.")

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