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Topic: thoughts on Slant

From: Jerry Kincaid
Location: Japan
Date: 08/16/2008

hey Greg,

I wanted to compliment you on this work. I've read it twice so far. on coming and now going to the physical place where I am now. I've changed a lot in that time period, almost 5 years. it was good both times, but I see it better now

from a couple photos I've seen of you you have the eyes of someone who can see shit. you don't look very different from someone who I envisioned who could write "Slant". that's cool. so I want to say I commend that, first of all

anyway, my point was I really liked your characters in Slant. I'm sorry to say I've only read this one book out of many that you've written, and I am pretty sure it's the 2nd in a trilogy, or pseudo-trilogy of yours. rest assured I'll read that set of books some day if I'm not mistaken. I'll read other books you've written out of the set as well

so, I don't have full perspective on your universe or your thought in general, but my favorite characters in Slant are: Giffey (pre- and post-mental-death), Mary, and Jill. I dunno if that's in order or not. I see myself in these characters, and see others around me in these characters as well. I highly suspect you do, too. I loved your obsession with Jenner's caterpillar forehead and often found it amusing. I honestly don't know what it means to you, though

if you find it worthy, I want you to answer me just one question though: have you ever met a chick like Mary? cuz I saw some similarities in this one girl I know, particularly when I read Mary's breakup dialog with her short-term boyfriend (starting on page 52 of your Tor book, ISBN 0-812-52482-9). someone really cool. judgmental, scary, wise, ignorant, and loving. from reading 2 posts on your blog you seem to reply to blog posts so I hope you'll reply to this

take it easy,

Re: thoughts on Slant

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/17/2008

Thanks for your thoughts and kind words, Jerry! I've long had love and respect for strong women, beginning with my mother and my grandmothers... all capable of coming through great adversity, through great chunks of history. Models for my own characters, no doubt.

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