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Topic: Darwin's Radio

From: Kamren
Location: NY, NY
Date: 07/24/2008

Not quite sure what the term Darwin's Radio is but I just finished your book and, frankly, it was pretty disappointing. After reading practically the whole book to finally reach the point in the storyline where the new stage of human "evolution" was created or born, it was very disappointing to have the book end abruptly at that very point. Not just end slowly and gradually, but rather with full stop and a screeching halt. The whole book was a tease and a build up for these new humans about to be born. To give us 99% tease and 1% of the story of the evolved beings, was very frustrating and upsetting. It felt cheated like watching a movie with an incomplete ending where you do not know or understand what happened and then you resent having paid $12.00 to have sat through it. A book should have a beginning, middle and an understandable end. It should not leave you guessing and wondering as to what happened. I did not enjoy the book at all.

Re: Darwin's Radio

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/28/2008

Point taken. If you look around this forum, you'll notice there's a second book called DARWIN'S CHILDREN.

Re: Darwin's Radio

From: Forkbeard
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date: 08/19/2008

I think it depends on the story you are reading: I read the story of the discovery of a new subspecies, not the story of that subspecies itself. A story of a birth must and in a birth, of course.

The birth in the end was very symbolic for the birth of the subspecies: difficult and natural. I found the whole story fascinating and it took me two days and nights to read it, I couldn't put it away.

Looking forward to Darwin's Children (ordered it but not yet received it), I hope it's not just a story in that setting but a deeper investigation of the science, in balance with the story, unlike Eon's sequals - I liked Legacy and Eternity but in my opinion it lacked the scientific speculation of Eon.

Re: Darwin's Radio

From: Gareth
Location: Wales, UK
Date: 09/21/2008

Lame tripe from the first poster on the thread in my view, but opinions are opinions and everyone's got one... Personally, I absolutely loved Darwin's Radio and am including it in my listmania list on Amazon as one of my favourite ever sci-fi books. While making my list, I realised two of the biggest jolt-down-the-spine hair-standing-on-end adrenaline rushes I've ever got from reading books (a rarity compared to the faster-paced film medium) come from your books. You'll have to excuse me as my memory's crap and I've not read either in a long time (blame real life, boooo!), but the moment the newborn speaks in Darwin's Radio, and the finale to Forge of God will stay with me forever.

Wasn't quite so keen on Darwin's Children (but what a difficult act to follow); Anvil of Stars was a stunning concept but when I first read it as a 15 year old it was so far removed from Forge of God, and so complex, that I struggled (liked the sex scenes back then though, hubba hubba!!). Gave it another go when I was a bit older and loved it!

Love your work, Mr. Bear, your books from Queen of Angels to Eon to Forge of God to Darwin's Radio had a great impact on my imagination and enjoyment of sci-fi as a teenager. Thanks!

Re: Darwin's Radio

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/25/2008

Thanks, Gareth!

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