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Topic: Thanks for writing

From: Steve Richardson
Location: St Louis MO
Date: 07/18/2008

I thought that the kind of science fiction writing I enjoy had disappeared, the kind where there are no wizards or enchanted jewelry to bail out the protagonists. But I've recently discovered your "Darwin's Radio" books and I just finished "Eon" so now it's off to the bookstore to see which of your other titles they stock. Thanks for preserving the kind of storytelling that's grounded in real honest-to-goodness science; I've been an engineer for more years than I like to count, and your books really hit the spot.

Re: Thanks for writing

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/18/2008

Thanks, Steve! I have nothing against elves and wizards, but that's a different kind of game. It's just too much fun to play with the net up and stretched tight! But we don't know everything. Sometimes it's necessary to engage in some extreme speculation, just to loosen the old backhand and lob a few balls completely out of the court. Looking forward to your reaction to CITY AT THE END OF TIME.

Re: Thanks for writing

From: patrick
Date: 07/20/2008

And Steve (as I've mentioned these to others here before), you might enjoy Robert L. Forward, Stephen Baxter, and Gregory Benford - all bonified science blokes.

Re: Thanks for writing: regarding CITY

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 07/22/2008

Greg: The following was written, one line every 8 minutes or so, in an unreleated novel work-book tonite. So, on the Eve of your promo tour for CITY AT THE END OF TIME, I wrote you this little bit of "verse:


Absolutely Nothing.
Too Heavy.
The City Falls Thru Time.
Putting in a little.
The Wrong Way Bite.
Empty Roads Glitter.

Mike Glosson 07/21/8

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