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Topic: Test Needed For Darwin's Radio

From: Clinton Burston
Location: Jones County Ninth Grade Academy
Date: 07/17/2008

Dear Sir-
I am searching for a test for Darwin's Radio to give to my students. The students were assigned this book at the beginning of the summer and will need to be tested over it on July 22. Was there one developed that you are aware of?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Test Needed For Darwin's Radio

From: Jim
Location: Prairieville, La
Date: 07/22/2008

Wow!, I applaud them doing something on Darwin's Radio.
Public Schools in the South and Midwest are so scared of upsetting religious groups they have a whole list of books and areas off limits or just plain taboo. I just moved from Ohio and there are groups watching everything every year demanding books be removed from required reading. Sometimes I wonder if we are moving towards a Christian version of the Taliban (SP?).

Keep up the good work Clint.


Re: Test Needed For Darwin's Radio

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/28/2008

Actually,the Creationists have been taking some pretty big hits in the courts recently. See "Darwin on Trial," an excellent documentary on the Dover Schools decision.

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