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Topic: The Future of Reading. Endangered!

From: Christopher Cherry
Location: Durban, South Africa
Date: 07/16/2008

I have for myself, turning the computer off for a few days helps me to breeze through books. However, when it's on, hardly a chapter or two ever get read.

This article is interesting as I have felt the same. I need to turn the computer off if I want to do some serious reading.


How has the internet effected your reading time/habits?

Re: The Future of Reading. Endangered!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/18/2008

Somehow I always find time to read. I was part of the first TV generation, so managing my media time has never been an issue... I only watch the good stuff! But I confess I don't spend as much time on the Web as my son and daughter do...

As for the Atlantic article, Google is definitely not making ME stupid. I can still read big thick books--and I spend a lot of research time checking on Google. If you know how to use the Internet, it's a major plus for writers. (Compare with the illuminated manuscript version of Atlantic, which published an article in 1592 entitled, "Is the printed book making us stupid?")

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