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Topic: Wonderful Web Site

From: Rouald Laurenson
Location: La Jolla
Date: 07/07/2008

Greg, that is a great site for City at the End of Time.

I liked reading the critics on it: gave me that little chill and reminder of why we like to read the imagination, besides any usefulness else I might have mentioned. Life is not near full enough without this.

Really looking forward.

I kind of thought you might have taken those images - and that yarn lady too. Well, it is a very evocative use of Flash with them. Remind me to introduce you to the lady I met at the RCA.

After heat death, eh. I am waiting to see how you handle that, but I guess with the entwinings of the Way, this will not be out of bounds.

I am feeling a little that way myself, sitting here in one of the student center atria at UCSD. It was a shadow of its present self, when I almost went for a PhD here lo the many ago. But I like what is seems to have become: somehow in pursuing the machine dream, and perhaps as it turned to intricate evo-devo, it's become more human. That way too, and haven't we met this before in your work??

All best, and respect in congratulations.


Re: Wonderful Web Site

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/07/2008

Thanks, Rouald! Astrid and I did indeed take those pictures. I Photoshopped them, and Terran animated them to music. A lot of fun--and more to come. Spread the word!

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