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Topic: Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children

From: Jan Fure
Location: portland, Oregon, USA
Date: 06/18/2008


I was very fascinated with the evolutionary speculative science fiction of the Darwin books, but in some sense disappointed. The reader has lots of expectations, when the newborns name themselves, and show a superior self awareness, but it is a major anticlimax, when the new race ends up being simply a bunch of 'people persons', choosing (by many measures by necessity) to live in hippie communes. Of course, 'live and let live' is way more evolved than how most of humanity acts today.

The one scary prediction is how the conflict caused a severe economic depression, where you described cities full of trash, somewhat similar with the 'England time line' from Timescape. My biggest fear, is that lack of an energy policy, and a stalemate between those that want windmills and solar, and the ones who want much more nuclear power plants, will lead to a significant economic depression.


Re: Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/18/2008

Organization is how people get big things done, and communication is what defines human beings. Greatly improving on those abilities is hardly trivial! And what we often forget, considering the challenges of the future, is that we somehow managed to survive the twentieth century... Depression, wars hot and cold, genocide, and all. It's a good question, however--if environmental and economic challenges push us back into a new round of big conflicts.

Re: Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children

From: shona
Location: india
Date: 09/18/2008

im not a big inteletual or a book critic but im a voracious reader.maybe cos iam young.but im reading Darwin's Radio reght now.i havent finished it as yet.surprisingly i have dreams/nightmares about the story.personally for me its too much.cos usually i never feel like that though i read 5000 books in 20 yrs i am alive.i even see my current reality as part of this story thats why i wanna tell u GREG BEAR u are fantastic.absolutely brilliant.hope u write like this forever as even im a budding poet.so want to inspiration frm u.....lov uuuuuu.....

Re: Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/21/2008

Many thanks for your kind words, Shona. May your poetry blossom!

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