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Topic: Music inspired by your books

From: andy carlo
Location: Devon, UK
Date: 06/13/2008

Hi Greg,

I know that your books have inspired many visual artists, from the EON comp a while back to the never ending movie merry-go-round. But are you aware of any musicians who may have produced work inspired by you?

I ask as I am a huge fan of the musican Mike Oldfield whop produced a stunning album based on Arthur C Clarke's "Songs of Distant Earth". It struck me that music has been in many of your stories, from the obvious (Songs of Power) to the hidden.


Re: Music inspired by your books

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/16/2008

There's been a couple of CDs inspired by my novels, including MOMERATH, based on Anvil of Stars, and BLOOD MUSIC. There's also an album and a music group called BLOOD MUSIC. And occasionally I hear of other pieces or lyrics.

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