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Topic: It's all epigenetics

From: Robert Reid
Location: Biology, University of Victoria, BC Canada
Date: 06/07/2008

Greg, your treatment of endogenous retroviruses fits perfectly well with both the narrow and broad definitions of epigenetics. It is a process that involves recombining molecular elements as a cause of emergent, or saltory evolution. It's remarkable how well it corresponds with what Goldschmidt called "the hopeful monster" in 1933
Since you broadly hint that an environmental factor, stress, is part of the process, you have involved another established causal mechanism. These have been well esablished, as have a number of molecular processes beyond endogenous retroviruses. Robert.

Re: It's all epigenetics

From: Rouald Laurenson
Location: Coronado/Basel
Date: 06/11/2008

It's just great, isn't it, Greg?

I have a lot of respect - for the fun I think you have had as well as the deeply humane, intrigued, human natures in what you compose. Oh, yes, what I started to say, which was: informed. Mind, matter, and intuitive desire. Star, fate, pneuma ;).

Well, I use them. The books. Someday will tell you in what influence.


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