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Topic: Points of hope

From: patrick
Date: 05/15/2008

And in some way nodding to my post in the Consciousness Selection thread:

"The cosmologist Neil Turok will be the next executive director of Canadas Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, taking over in October. Turok, who is currently Chair of Mathematical Physics at the University of Cambridge in the UK, described the move as the opportunity of a lifetime and told physicsworld.com that he plans to make the institute the leading centre in the world for theoretical physics.

The Perimeter Institute (PI) was founded in 1999 by Mike Lazaridis, chief executive of Research in Motion  the company that makes Blackberry wireless handheld devices. Located in Waterloo, Ontario, and home to more than 60 resident researchers, the institute focuses on fundamental questions in areas such as cosmology, particle physics and quantum gravity. Its first executive director Howard Burton, left suddenly in June 2007 and the Canadian theoretical physicist Robert Myers has been acting as interim director while the institute looked for a new head."

"Lazaridis himself told physicsworld.com: The more I got to know Dr Turok, the more conviction I had that he was the right person to take Perimeter to the next level. We share deep convictions in the importance of basic science, the importance of funding basic science, and the importance of philanthropy in promoting basic science for the advancement of mankind, he added."

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