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Topic: Alastair Reynolds?

From: Christopher Cherry
Location: Durban, South Africa
Date: 05/15/2008

Hi Greg,

Have you ever read anything by this guy. He's amazing, a good return to Hard Sci Fi in the flavor of yours truly Greg Bear.


Re: Alastair Reynolds?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/27/2008

Alastair Reynolds is a leading member of the UK revolution in hard sf--all very interesting writers!

Re: Alastair Reynolds?

From: patrick
Date: 05/27/2008

I think I haven't warmed to Reynolds, though I heard an interview of him, and he's an interesting, intelligent, and well-spoken person. For UK SF, I first tend to think of Baxter. His coolness, even when relaying/portraying emotional conditions, much appeals to me.

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