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Topic: Darwin's Radio Research

From: Jim Duron
Location: Prairieville, La
Date: 05/06/2008

Hi Greg, Just finished some short stories and I am now in the middle of Darwin's Radio. How hard was it to research this topic? Did you have prior knowledge of the CDC workings or the R&D side of corporate science industry?

I'm finding the book very interesting but research and techno babble had me amazed.

Keep up the good work.


Re: Darwin's Radio Research

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/07/2008

Thanks, Jim! I visited both the CDC and NIH campuses back in the late nineties, and spoke with a lot of insiders and scientists to get my info. But the bio research was largely my own, and some of those ideas and suspicions were not very widely known back then. To my surprise, the novel hasn't dated much. But I could have dipped more into epigenetics...

Re: Darwin's Radio Research

From: Bigmouth
Location: Santa Monica
Date: 05/22/2008

Hi Greg,

We were actually discussing Darwin's Radio recently on my Lost Blog (http://eyemsick.blogspot.com/). I gather from some of your other posts that you're actually a fellow fan of the show. Ever think Darwin's Radio might be part of the inspiration for the pregnancy problem on the Island?

Anyway, stop by and say hello!


Re: Darwin's Radio Research

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/27/2008

Hmm... could be viruses, as they have said. But it could also be space-time disruptions, eugenics gone wrong, or bad dreams!

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