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Topic: Jill, Roddy and the Jart

From: John Holton
Location: Luton, England
Date: 08/14/2006

Dear Greg Bear

I enjoyed (although was most disturbed by) the manner in which Roddy invaded Jill before Jill realized she had been completely subjected to his ingenius powers (and her the original quantum thinker!) - it strongly reminded me of the Jart Olme thought he could control that likewise enveigled itself into his mind/brain circuitry and only after did he recognize the comprehensive invasion and also then realize it had happen long before.

Deep structure you have mentioned before and I guess that this what this is.

Deep and disturbing structure - another Greg Bear splendid novel (adding to my list of most of your canon of works - including Darwin's Radio which I found very worrying with your view of the complete ignorance of those in power who like power more than truth) that involves widespread breakdown of social structures plus general death, mayhem, and approaching armagedon.....

Will Jill return with a touch of the malignity of Roddy and end up like Hal killing the humans that made her (him)- she seems to have a touch of scorn for the desperate humans who need her to speak to show she still can.

Giffey is a splendid character also - reminded me a little of Gulliver Foyle - a man without the capacity to stop and nicely unmasked at the end too.

Poor old Mary Choy - she seems to have a bit of a raw deal in Slant and Queen of Angels, always being one of the last to know what is really going on and yet always being so close to the action. A great character to drive and explain the narrative.

Not sure I have the courage to go on to read Darwin's Children just at the moment! I think I need a little light reading before I can deal with the emotional onslaught of another prospective breakdown of world order!

Best wishes

John Holtom

Re: Jill, Roddy and the Jart

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/14/2006

Thanks for your kind words, John. Might I suggest you dip into DINOSAUR SUMMER for a little adventure reading...?

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