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Topic: typos

From: diane engber
Location: cincinnati, ohio
Date: 04/02/2008

a few typos in Quantico--like repitition of a word like "the" and misspelling of "cincinnati" as "cincinatti" are accidents right? Is trailer on website for Quantico for movie? Did I miss it--when is it due out?

Re: typos

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/04/2008

Thanks, Diane--I hope we've got all these and a few others corrected for the paperback edition of QUANTICO. No movie interest yet--but some multimedia promotion from last year.

Re: typos

From: John
Location: Portland, or
Date: 05/29/2011

I'm reading eternity (warner books edition). I've noticed a couple typos so far, but now i'm almost at the end, and you said (pg 341) that Hoffman waved HIS fingers. Then on 343 Karen did not appreciate HIS vacation. Getting tired towards the end? :)

Re: typos

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/30/2011

Hmmm... My manuscript copy has both of those rendered correctly. Typesetter's error? (I don't have a copy of the Warner edition here to check, however...)

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