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Topic: Thanks for the books, and time for EON film?

From: Edward McRobbie
Location: London
Date: 03/20/2008

Hi Greg, just wanted to thank you for many books I've enjoyed since I first discovered your work with Eon.

By chance I can across the competition based on Eon for CG and it struck me that once again, as Putin flexes Russian political and military muscle and China seeks acceptance from the West, with some changes of time and circumstance a film version of Eon seems possible with a new scenaio for the Death...

Anyway, I'll keep reading if you keep writing. Thanks in particular for Bloodmusic, I still find it as startling today as when I first read it, and few works I've found to be both disturbing and uplifting at the same time - I wonder what's going on in the Noosphere right now?

Re: Thanks for the books, and time for EON film?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 03/28/2008

I wonder how much of a cycle this old world will go through--are we going to go back through the Cold War, then revert to other divisions and conflicts...

The U.S. right now does seem to be taking a deep breath before plunging back into the 1930s!

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