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Topic: Book Ideas

From: Jason Taylor
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Date: 03/02/2008

Mr. Bear,

Big fan. I think I've read everything you've published(at least by Amazon's list).

I'm curious how one would bring ideas to an author? After trying to write a book for the last 4 years, I realize that I may need some help or I may need to just pass the idea on to someone.

Thanks for your response.

Geaux Tigers!(LSU reference)

Re: Book Ideas

From: Greg Bear
Date: 03/04/2008

Thanks for the kind words, Jason. Most authors find getting ideas the easy part--writing them down is long, hard work! And most authors I know suggest that an idea should be turned into a story by the creator of that idea. I don't know of any reputable authors who will take on such a task--but if I learn of any, I'll pass it along.

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