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Topic: Living on Mars

From: Eirik Berg
Location: Norway
Date: 02/25/2008


I see that you are interested in how to colonize and live on Mars. Some time ago, I read about a suggestion about using some of the large lava tunnels which is suspected to be widespread on the planet do so; a erea is closed on both ends, isoleted from within and optical fibres attached to panels of lenses are used to lead sunlight down under the surface.

But since then, not much have been mentioned about this suggestion. Are they still toying with it, or do they stick to capcules on the surface?


Re: Living on Mars

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/29/2008

It's a cool idea, but we don't know much about the extent or nature of whatever lava tunnels there might be on Mars. We're just going to have to go there and pull out the ol' ladder and rope kit and flashlight. I'd recommend contacting the Mars Society and reading Robert Zubrin's books to follow up on Mars colonization ideas.

Re: Living on Mars

From: Eirik Berg
Location: Norway
Date: 03/11/2008

Thanks for reply. Yes, of course humans would first have to establish themselves before they moves on to the next step. But after that, it could really start to become exiting. Find some info at last about it:


And the sunlight collected from the panels above could be used for other things than just giving light to the plants and solar cells as well. Some of it could be focused on black and light absorbing material, rising the temperature. When a certain temperature had been reached, cells of wax would melt, absorbing the heat. During the night the wax would "freeze" again, releasing the heat in the caves.

As the article says, it's ironic that humans leaves earth and settle down on Mars just to become cavemen. That is, if there really is such lave tubes with the desired potential on the red planet.

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