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Topic: Greg Bear and Ursula K. Le Guin

From: Richard Pearlstein
Location: Falls Church, VA
Date: 02/25/2008

Hi, Greg. I'm a guy about your age, and have loved science fiction since I was a kid. I'm a bit of a new-comer to your fiction, having started with your "hard science" type books like Moving Mars and Darwin's radio. I must be a slow learner, because I would have thought I'd have come across your marvelous writing earlier.

Anyway, I'm now in the midst of Songs of Earth and Power. Well not exactly the midst, since I'm getting into the Serpent Mage pretty well. An amazing read! I'm grateful you wrote it.

The only other author whose writings stimulate me like yours is Ursula K Le Guin. You both have the quality of creating real alternate universes "peopled" with characters worth caring about. Also, you both clearly have strong bonds with poetry.

I wonder if you two know each other. Have you exchanged ideas? How do you react to one another?


Re: Greg Bear and Ursula K. Le Guin

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/29/2008

Ursula is one of my favorites as well. I was particularly struck by her THE BEGINNING PLACE, which seemed to pick up on the twilight world themes I was tying into with my fantasies. And of course I bought a story from her for NEW LEGENDS way back when. She lives not too far away, in Portland. We get together far too seldom!


From: jon makay
Location: nashville
Date: 05/31/2008

i ahve an odd question. Do All blogs run like this? Could i do this oppen ended question-response format with any idea?
Soething i have wated to do yeara s ago to stimulate a trilogue in society and the self (whichever 'self' chooses to enagge in it)

jon makay


From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/31/2008

Absolutely, Jon, toss in your ideas--but you have to stop trying to text in the middle of an earthquake! (Sorry--I'd never be able to pick out a message on those things half as well as you do...)

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