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Topic: How we learn

From: patrick
Date: 01/15/2008

This is meant in a sense of wonderment, rather than an academic statement. I've been reading Dinosaur Summer (which I've been neglecting due to an old bias of what kinds of SF I tend to read). During the transport of the animals, Ray Harryhausen is instructing Peter in drawing, and (well, you tell us that) he tells Peter to use his arm and shoulder - vs his hand.

Well, now. This caused a hard click in my mind, and I remembered seeing my teachers and instructors over the years - particularly the grade school females, who often had great pen[man]ship - doing exactly this. And, like, I hadn't picked up on it. As well, this technique is used in bowing a stringed instrument. Ah-ha, at least I'm not too slow.

So, just thought I'd share that.

Re: How we learn

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/18/2008

Thanks, patrick!

Re: How we learn

From: Roald Laurenson
Date: 01/19/2008

Patrick, I have to thank you too.

You helped me remember how to have a smooth signature, which I find hard to do when not practised in a while - we type so much! Or scribe onto a Palm ;).


Re: How we learn

From: patrick
Date: 01/20/2008

Sure thing. Thanks for listening. I do have to point out what I feel was an ambiguity by omission, on my part, with regard to 'teacher's writing'. I meant when they were writing at the chalkboard - though this would explain the straight lines they drew, also. However, if what I remember seeing in movies, of colonial dudes, etc, signing their names in such fashion, is accurate (in both repsects, hmhmhmh), then I guess it would sense that had been passed down through the educated over the years.

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