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Topic: Just Finished Quantico

From: Dan Defenbaugh
Location: San Diego
Date: 01/10/2008

Hello Greg,

I just finished Quantico late last night and it was really great. I couldn't put it down--the last chapters were riveting. It's always fascinating when you apply your talents, style and knowledge to a more contemporary story.

****** Spoiler Alert (in case this makes the site) ******

I must admit, though, a part of me wanted those last firecrackers to go pop, just to be able to continue on and explore your vision of the social, political, and economical changes that would occur. That is a world well beyond my imagination.

Thanks for another great story! Looking forward to the next one.

Dan D

Re: Just Finished Quantico

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/13/2008

Thanks, Dan. Having little or no memory means little or no guilt! But also a lot of repetitive motion...

Re: Just Finished Quantico

From: patrick
Date: 01/15/2008

Pshaw, Greg. Guilt it not rooted in memory - though can be supported by it.

Re: Just Finished Quantico

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/18/2008

Well, I suppose you could feel guilt without remembering why... A kind of phantom limb of guilt.

Re: Just Finished Quantico

From: patrick
Date: 01/19/2008

I'll do ya one better: guilt is a condition{ing} that is independent of direct circumstance. It's like anxiety. Sometimes, people just feel anxious. Nothing happening to or with them, they're just in that state. These are, perhaps, symptoms of some kind(s) of PTSD.

Of course, a softer version, postulated by even I think yourself, that being 'selective editing', is not far on the horizon, I think, by some means or other.

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