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Topic: Different takes on a good story.

From: Richard Duckett
Location: Australia
Date: 12/16/2007

Hi Greg,

Just a few quick notes. Hope it's not clich´┐ę to start with a compliment, but I do appreciate you sharing your fantastic imagination with us over the years. Do you go to sleep and dream of impossible corridors twisting through space, or AI's succumbing to loneliness in the depths of space?

One thing that struck me about EON is how different people who I know have read the book have different takes on it. By that i mean the themes that stick with us after reading the book, and occupy our thoughts for a good while. There are the ones, like me, who are optimistic about the future and love the concept of the way. And then there are the ones who grieve over the past and the death, and how it couldn't be avoided.

Good job! Hope you visit space again soon.

Re: Different takes on a good story.

From: Greg Bear
Date: 12/19/2007

Thanks, Richard. CITY AT THE END OF TIME incorporates a bit of space (well, a journey across the known universe is one small part) and a lot of time!

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