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Topic: Darwin's Radio Comments

From: Greg Thorne
Location: Tulsa, OK
Date: 09/11/2007

I have a long drive from where I'm currently attending classes in OKC to Tulsa on the weekends, so I picked up "Darwin's Radio" at my local library to keep me occupied for a few weeks.

I enjoyed it. I thought the science was intriguing, and the concept was fresh and original. I'm an analytical person, and a graduate student in Nutrition Science, so the ideas of this novel really appealed to me.

What did break me out of the narrative, though, was the depictions of Christians. It seemed that whenever Christians were mentioned in the story, they were either (a) uneducated, reactionary simpletons who saw the Shiva infection as some sort of punishment from God, or (b) sheep that would follow the directive of anything Pat Robertson says.

I think I should inform you that there are also educated, rational minded Christians out there as well. Christians who understand science, but also believe in the sanctity of life, that would go through with a Shiva pregnancy. Christians who never listen to Pat Robertson, and could care less about what he says (or, think he's an embarrassment to their faith). I thought these types of Christians, the kinds I know personally, were glaring omissions from an otherwise fine book.

Overall, however, I did enjoy it very much, and look forward to "reading" (listening to) your other books as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and keep up the good work!


Greg Thorne
2nd Year MA in Nutritional Sciences
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Re: Darwin's Radio Comments

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/18/2007

You cite no specific passages, Greg, so I guess I can't respond. Take a look at DARWIN'S CHILDREN for an even more nuanced depiction of religions and affiliations.

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