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Topic: On Quantico (possible spoilers)

From: patrick
Date: 09/03/2007

(I was going to post this at the Quantico forum, but haven't received my confirmation. It's a conspiracy! heheh.)

Well, I just finished Quantico. Curiously, I think I was the first one to get it from my library. Neat tale. As always, you're thinking very queerly, which gives one much to think over. I have some questions (rhetorical or no), or/and commentary:

- SoAz scene: close to home, here. Was this a state route? Which one?

- OCD Rebecca: I identify with the hand thing. However, I bet I got one on her: her phone touches her face.

- securing the barn: perhaps they could've used some kind of gas or aerated powder that would inhibit non-sealed electronics from functioning, so as to prevent the function of most hand-made devices.

- entering the barn: couldn't they've used aerial bots to reconnoiter? Or, when they personally went in, why didn't they use a trailing bot as a com hub?

- inside the barn/down in the basement: perhaps they could've carried electrical extinguishers for a contingency - such as the spark gap. Also, maybe they could've used a tool or their hands to ruin, or use something to somehow obstruct, the spark gap?

- Griff, post-explosion: um, a pen and pad? Maybe a stylus pad and screen above him showing virtual keyboard - and slaved to their slates so they have constant and consistent updating!? They woulda figured out stuff a lot sooner...although, come on, a map location?....GO THERE. NOW. Or just make a call to their local police.

- food and stuff: See's candies?! Blech - an urban myth that that is chocolate. Hot wings....it's interesting how this spicy food has spread across the country; I'm suspicious where they come from, though; I don't eat 'em.

- the bakery: short, but sweet. Grain products have less oversight! Good thing I don't eat 'em.

- contained thinking: they, even William, are constantly thinking very straight line. I mean, in this age of media ironies... Another (perhaps contrasting) thing is their general lack of bearing. Even in the academy, they're still civilians. Our current military branches, including the Marine Corps to some extent, are not disciplined enough. They have civilian mentalities. Of course, there is the concerning prospect of creating 'Saurons' (think Pournelle's War World). Perhaps Dan Simmon's idea of contracted security forces is the better idea.

- lastly, memory: this is a neat idea. Take away their memory of hate. Does fatality follow this, though? Alternatively, perhaps they could design organisms to affect particular neuro-chemisty? And, then there's HAARP.

Re: On Quantico (possible spoilers)

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/04/2007

All good thoughts, patrick. Though Rebecca is not so much a sufferer of OCD as she is an ex-smoker. (Is there a difference, you might ask? Well...) As for coulda-hadda-woulda, to misquote Mr. Rumsfeld, you go to war with the stuff you got...

I like See's! Love the little toffee hammer.

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