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Topic: Forge Of God Film - Or Not

From: Colin Steadman
Date: 08/07/2007

I've got a Google Alert setup to keep an eye out for anything Google's crawlers find with 'Forge Of God' and 'Warner Brothers' in the content. I was alerted to this fairly recent article today (hope the link appears):


It would appear that Warner are going to do the film "Forge of God got the thumbs up from Warners", which is the good news.


"Oh, and actually its not called Forge of God anymore. Weve been divorced from that Greg Bear novel. What Kaz and I pitched was so far removed from the book, it was deemed completely original..."

Just wondering what others thought of this news? I'm gutted! I've had my alert setup for years now, and have been waiting for news on the film for years longer. And this is not what I wanted to hear. I expected some changes out of nesscessity, but this sounds way to radical.

Also, if Greg is reading this, any news on the third book in the Forge series? There are only 5 books I rate highly enough to ever recommend to others. Forge and Anvil make up two of that number! So you understand my interest in the third book! :)


Re: Forge Of God Film - Or Not

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/08/2007

Thanks, Colin! Ah, ambitious young screenwriters... Hope they get some money for all of their work.

Re: Forge Of God Film - Or Not

From: Russ Garvey
Location: Lancshire England
Date: 11/06/2007

I was looking foward to how the movie (Forge of God) would look, and find it disappointig that it is not going to happen.
earth being destroyed in such a way has not been done before in the movies.It could have been a jaw dropping moment.
Anyway I would like to recommend Greg Bears Eon as a read.
It is about a rock that suddenly appears in orbit of the earth. When scientist explore it they find cities from earths past & present. It could be a warning of what awaits Earths destiny. This also would make a good sci fi movie

Re: Forge Of God Film - Or Not

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/06/2007

Thanks, Russ! No reason to count this project either down or out at the moment. I keep reminding folks, it often takes a decade or longer for films to finally come together with the right team. And FORGE is still very much an active project.

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