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Topic: Comments on Quantico!

From: Arvind Mishra
Location: Varanasi
Date: 07/29/2007

Greg,I enjoyed reading Quantico immensely and find it awesome in its depiction of a possible bioterrorist attack on humanity.It deals thoroughly with various aspects of bioterrorism and its many political and religious implications.
Its a great literary classic,a contemporary one indeed and shall be remembered for its prophetic vision and also as a trend setter thriller sf-emergence of a new sf sub genre with the fragrance of Chase,Christie,Doyle and of course the punk supremo Gibson,all in one.This is something unique in the history of sf as far as i am aware of the trends!
On every front it has come up very beautifully especially the characterization[William,pg 68];narration of the crime scenes,and even humor[skinned eel]and so on...
Its indeed a great bonanza to sf readers of the world.
And the description of human chimera is just mind boggling
but here I am a bit skeptical because as I know fusion of two embryos may result in a tetraploid[4n] instead of normal 2n and would not be viable.Trust you shall explain it a bit please!

Re: Comments on Quantico!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/31/2007

Thank you, Arvind!

There's a great deal of mystery about how chromosomes are activated and deactivated. We're learning more every day, and what we thought we knew ten years ago is proving problematic now. That said, this idea is a bit of a stretch--but not any more outlandish than many other circumstances in developmental biology!

Re: Comments on Quantico!

From: Arvind Mishra
Location: Varanasi
Date: 07/31/2007

Thanks Greg,Your version of human chimera is quite right as mixing of two embryos would not result in 4n combination but would be just an amalgam of the tissues of different genetic origins.
I have consulted the web at length and I am now satisfied.
Your description is not outlandish but very much possible as such human chimeras are now in news though they are rare.

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