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Topic: `Pulling back a bit'

From: Lutz Barz
Location: Newcastle NSW Australia
Date: 07/15/2007

I was astounded, to read in the `Sydney Morning Herald' 11.06.07 in an article `Invasion of the terrorist snatchers' a quote by you saying in regards to your creative ideas to quote the author Tim Shipman that `some ideas are best not made public' and quotes `you' "There are some things we just don't talk about and put in our books. We pull back a bit." `Bear said.'
As said: I am astounded. Actually as an unpublished writer that gives me hope. It means others can go for it.
However is this a truthfull quote? I always thought science fiction was about breaking down or away from myopic mental barriers, not go in the opposite direction. Still you could have been misquoted.
Anyway I wish you well in your future works.
And won't be offended it this post is deleted. Just a thought.

Re: `Pulling back a bit'

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/16/2007

I can't find the Morning Herald piece on the web (URL, please?) but I'm pretty sure they were quoting me in context--that when writing a near-future thriller about terrorists, you just don't give them detailed blueprints for devices or techniques they could readily use. As well, I don't discuss certain scenarios offered up in threat analysis workshops and seminars, whether devised by myself or by others. Just common sense, no?

Re: `Pulling back a bit'

From: Lutz Barz
Location: Newcastle/NSW/Australia
Date: 07/18/2007

Thank you Mr. Bear. The SMH wasn't doing an upbeat, and when i find the article [got 2 pc's] will forward it. Like you, answering emails can be time consuming so I appreciate you responding so quickly! [you must get squillions of them!] that is appreciated. i even read a few of your books.
As for details aka terrorists, I think they figure out their nastiness without `your' insights. After all, though this new wave the world is burdened with, when reading history, well, us humans, we're a worry! Anarchists in the 19th Century, the Terror post French Revolution, the religious wars of the 16th century, what a bunch of homicidal maniacs we are. Some for god, others for the state, any excuse to be terrible.
Luckily I find sf in general UPLIFTING [yours included of course] in that it liberates us from some of our dellusions.
It's interesting to note that during the cold war the Soviets accused US writers of being `warmongers' etc, whilst the US called you writers `communists'. Says it all. Means you are on the right track! Congratulations on being a readable enjoyable writer.
No need to reply to this one. As said will get around to find said article.

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